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We understand that every investor is unique and thus requires an equally unique investment strategy. Your financial goals, your risk tolerance, and your future plans form the core of our investment strategy tailored to you.

As a wealthy investor, you face a multitude of complex challenges. From managing your assets to optimizing returns to minimizing risk - we are here to accompany you on this journey.

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Your Investment Opportunities

Investors with assets starting at US$500,000, or the equivalent, have the possibility to become clients of our asset management services. From US$1 million onwards, we offer the opportunity to open a depot in Switzerland.

For investors with investable assets starting at US$5 million, we will examine the possibility of collaborating with your personal depository bank.

Should you wish to invest an amount in the double-digit million range, we offer you the choice to diversify your wealth in various depots worldwide - in countries such as the United Kingdom, Singapore, Switzerland, the Bahamas, and Hong Kong.

Investment Process

The long-term performance of a portfolio is mostly (~85%) dependent on the right choice of asset classes, meaning the relationship in which stocks, bonds, commodities (e.g. gold) and liquid funds are weighted within the portfolio.

Approximately 10% of long-term performance depend on subordinate factors: Are you investing in a sound division of the various countries, currencies and industries? Does the market environment tend to support companies with small, medium or large market capitalization? Should you invest in high-yield or growth-oriented companies?

Only about 5% of long-term performance is attributed to the selection of individual securities. Hence, so-called stock picking only plays a subordinate role.

We continuously analyze information from economic research institutes, central banks and research houses, and we derive what is known as a market opinion from this. In return, we form our own house opinion and subsequently determine the asset structure. Around 95% of the long-term performance is achieved this way.

We use external experts for the remaining 5% of the long-term performance, i.e. the selection of individual securities. Very few fund managers are able to achieve above-average returns over a period of several years. Our meticulous selection process not only includes fundamental and technical indicators, but is also characterized by regular personal conversations with the individual investment houses and their managers. However, if we believe that a particular strategy is no longer viable, we will make a recommendation for more advisable opportunities – because our focus is exclusively on the welfare of our clients.

Managing director Patrick F. Stier advises several prestigious investment houses on a strategic level with the house opinion of Stier GmbH.


Remuneration is on a fee basis – quarterly, as a percentage of the investment amount.

If we receive commissions from partners, we pass them on directly to the respective client. We are therefore free of commission interests and sales specifications, acting exclusively in the interest of the client.

High Risk

After verifying whether the client can financially cope with a total loss of the risked capital without any impact on his or her life, we offer a variant that aims for the maximum return. The minimum volume is US$500,000 without an upward cap on the investment amount. Our remuneration is calculated on a fee basis and is based on the performance achieved.

We would like to point out that for moral reasons, we never aim to profit from the potential bankruptcy of a company, nor do we invest in agricultural commodities. Through these and other measures, we ensure that we never intentionally benefit from another person’s misery.

Depending on the market conditions, we offer two possibilities. Either we focus on disruptive technologies and invest in companies that depend on or benefit from the development of new products or services. This includes advances in areas such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automation, Robotics, and Energy Storage
  • DNA Technologies
  • Fintech Innovations and Web3

Alternatively, we support the preservation of jobs and prosperity with high-risk investments. To this end, we invest in companies that have difficulty finding capital investors during critical phases. In this way, we were able to achieve significant profits during the COVID crisis.

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