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Family Office Services

Our family office provides strategic management of large family assets.

We act free of any conflict of interest and manage your family assets according to your individual goals and requirements – across the generations.

The consultation and care of our clients is personal and tailored to your family’s needs.

Services that include financial portfolio management are carried out by Patrick F. Stier as an employed portfolio manager at Christian Hintz Vermögensverwaltung GmbH in Germany.

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We support numerous wealthy clients, including first-generation entrepreneurs, owners of inherited businesses and families with large, diversified estates built over many years.

With STIER Investments as your partner, you and your family will feel reassured and continually have a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of your total assets. Our core competence is the management of large family assets:

Continuous optimization of strategic asset allocation

  • We adapt your asset allocation individually for every market and life situation. We keep an eye on your assets, regardless of the components: family business, investments, (residential and commercial) real estate, securities (e.g. stocks, bonds), gold and other precious metals, insurance, alternative investments (e.g. private equity, hedge funds, raw materials, solar technology, water or wind energy, forest, etc.).
  • We work closely with your tax consultants to ensure that your assets are always invested in a tax-optimized manner.

Reporting, controlling and risk management for all family assets

Monitoring and evaluation of the commissioned asset managers, investment advisors, lawyers and tax consultants

  • Upon request, we work closely with your trusted partners, or have recourse to our network of specialists.
  • We provide you with the option of having your account documents, statements and participation documents sent to us directly. We keep an eye on everything for you, update you regularly, communicate with your accountant when necessary and will continually send him or her all tax-relevant documents.

Personal assistance

  • On request, we can provide you with a personal assistant who can assume responsibility for your travel plans, your personal and property protection or your aircraft and vehicles.

Estate Planning

  • We look after you across generations and work with tax experts to develop a method that allows you to pass on your assets to the next generations in a tax and cost-efficient manner.

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