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Wealth Management

STIER INVESTMENTS is an owner-operated, independent financial service provider, specializing in supporting wealthy private and institutional customers around the world. Our client base consists of wealthy private individuals, families and companies with a wide range of requirements and goals.

We can help you develop a structured, integrated and comprehensive approach to meet your specific needs. You will benefit from our open architecture, meaning that, upon your request, we will work closely with your personal banks, accountants, attorneys and other service providers. In doing so, we are able to also steer complex family assets.

We supervise your entire fortune, even if your assets are spread across different countries. We do not market products; instead, we develop tailored and customer-specific solutions.

We always put our customers first. Our fees are transparent and comprehensible. We work independently of banks, which precludes any kind of conflict of interest. 100% of all possible commissions, which we may receive from affiliates, are forwarded to our clients. This means that we only accept money from our clients and work completely with your interests at heart.

Wealth Management






Stier GmbH is 100% owner-operated.

We cannot be bought and we do not have to rely on questionable, short-term business models to generate profits to the disadvantage of our clients or society.


Tailored solutions

All of our clients are taken care of personally and individually.

Your life situation and goals can always change and we can realign the structuring of your assets according to those changes at any time.


Bank and product independence

We are not bound to any financial institution and we choose our partners and affiliates exclusively in the interest of each individual client.

Our clients decide themselves in which bank they prefer their liquid assets to be held. To avoid conflicts of interests, we do not offer in-house products.


Cost transparency

We only accept money from our clients and pass all commissions, which we may receive from affiliates, directly on to our clients.

That way we can ensure that we exclusively act in the interests of our clients.



We incorporate the issues of sustainability and corporate governance into all of our investment decisions.


Upon request, we also exclusively invest in sustainable companies and business models.

As a wealthy investor, you are frequently confronted with complex challenges. Before we develop investment solutions, we work with you to define your goals.